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Vestibular Rehabilitation

Vestibular rehabilitation is the assessment and treatment of dizziness or balance problems which are often caused by a dysfunction of the vestibular system. We aim to identify and treat the cause of your dizziness or balance problems as early as possible; reducing the impact these symptoms may be having on your life.

Some of the vestibular disorders we treat:

• Acoustic Neuroma
• Balance problems
• Benign Positional Paroxysmal Vertigo (BPPV)
• Central vestibular disorders
• Chronic Dizziness or PPPD
• Labyrinthitis
• Mal de Debarquement syndrome
• Meniere’s disease
• Post concussion syndrome
• Vestibular Migraine
• Vestibular Neuritis
• Visual Vertigo

Vestibular Rehabilitation Treatment Techniques

Every one of our vestibular patients has different needs and goals, which is why at Physio-Life we create tailored treatment plans. These may include:

  • Particle repositioning manoeuvres e.g. Epley and Semont
  • Balance re-education exercises
  • Head, body and eye exercises
  • Postural awareness
  • Falls prevention advice
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