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Physiotherapy Service

General musculoskeletal physiotherapy; Sports Physiotherapy, Occupational Physiotherapy; Home Visit Physiotherapy and Pain Management techniques.

At Buryhill, an appointment with a Physiotherapist will typically take up to 1 hour for an assessment, and 30 minutes for a follow up session. We treat patients from all surrounding towns and villages including Stevenage, Luton, Baldock, Letchworth, Henlow, Biggleswade, Royston, Knebworth, Welwyn Garden city, Ampthill, Langford, Pirton, Preston Village, Ickleford, Toddington, Stotfold, Buntingford, Flitwick, Shefford and Barton-le-clay.

You can book your Physiotherapy session by calling Buryhill Physiotherapy on 01462 438853.

Home Visit

Our Physiotherapists have been visiting patients in their own homes, in retirement homes and care homes in and around Hitchin for several years. In fact, our furthest home visit was in central London, though most of our clients requests come from local residents.

Our Home Visit Service is aimed at those individuals that are unable to come in to the clinic for many varied reasons such as disability and post surgical restrictions. Please call in to clinic if you are considering a Home Visit by the Physiotherapist and our fees for this service. WE HAVE NO WAITING LISTS. We are often used by those individuals that are awaiting for their health service referral appointment, but would like treatment in the mean time to bridge this gap.

You can book your Physiotherapy session by calling Buryhill Physiotherapy on 01462 438853.

Neuro Rehab

Physiotherapists are well equipped and very well trained to play a major part in Neuro Rehab’ with stroke recovery, brain injury, cerebral palsy and Parkinsons Disease patients and many other neurological complaints. Physiotherapists training in this area is extensive followed by many clinical rotations in major hospitals and rehab’ facilities enabling Physiotherapists to be well placed to assist the patient with Neurological issues. We are able to help with sub acute and chronic Neurological complaints. Acute issues will generally be dealt with in hospitals. Please call the Physio team to discover more about how we can help with Neurological issues.

You can book your Physiotherapy session by calling Buryhill Physiotherapy on 01462 438853.

Acupuncture Service

The ancient practice of Acupuncture is just one of an array of skills used by certain physiotherapists as part of a multi targeted approach into managing your inflammation and pain. It really can be a good adjunct to the musculoskeletal techniques that physiotherapists traditionally use, often working in tandem.

All treatment techniques or protocols used by physiotherapists are based on evidence from clinical research. Acupuncture is no different to other forms of treatment in that it follows the most recent and relevant research, showing that acupuncture can reduce pain. Acupuncture can stimulate the release of chemicals within the body that offer pain relief, promotion of sleep and well being. This can help with the healing process and whilst receiving manual therapy and prescribed exercise, can help to facilitate your recovery.

Modern medical opinion agrees that acupuncture can help tension headaches, pain from osteoarthritis, and General Practitioners are commonly referring patients for Acupuncture with physiotherapists for patients with osteoathritic joints before they will refer for steroid injections or joint replacements. Acupuncture is very effective when used in conjunction with other treatments such as physiotherapy.

You can book your Acupuncture session by calling Buryhill Physiotherapy on 01462 438853.

Clinical Pilates

The increasingly popular Pilates is a great form of exercise for rehabilitating injury.

What is Clinical Pilates? The key principles have been altered to improve the ultimate effectiveness and safety of the exercises in an aim to improve back pain.

What is the aim of Clinical Pilates? Assessment of the patients movement and to closely analyse the control of the low back and pelvic area. Once the Chartered Physiotherapist has assessed these often problematic areas, specific exercises are chosen for you to help resolve the symptomatic areas.

Due to a Chartered Physiotherapists extensive training at University and continued thereafter, they are best placed to assess your symptoms, adjust your exercises according and specifically for you – not just following a class protocol where one set of exercises fits all.

Please call in to clinic to enquire further about class or 1 to 1 sessions. Please note, we keep a small patient to Physio ratio so you really do get the attention you need and value for money.

Call Buryhill Physiotherapy on 01462 438853 to enquire about our Pilates sessions.

Sports Massage

The main aim of Sports Massage is to help alleviate the tightness and tension which builds up in the body’s soft tissues during physical activity. Major or minor injuries with associated lesions occur due to overexertion and/or overuse. A Sports Massage can help break them down quickly and effectively. A Sports Massage can also be preventative, fending off those niggling injuries that may get in the way of performance and achievement, whether you are an athlete, a daily keep-fitter or an occasional jogger.

We also offer event massage having attended many sporting events with our mobile service providing a high class service pre and post event.

We offer a 1 hour assessment/treatment massage and a 30 minute follow up massage session.

You can book your Sports Massage session by calling Buryhill Physiotherapy on 01462 438853.


Your feet are your body’s foundation, and any small imbalance could result in severe problems in the rest of the body’s structures. These problems may include painful feet, sore legs, knees, hips, back pain and arthritis.

What to do:┬áIf you have any of these symptoms you should seek attention from a foot specialist ‘ a Podiatrist. This is a medical practitioner specialising in ailments caused by foot misalignment.

This field of medical science is called Biomechanics and deals with human motion. The biomechanically oriented Podiatrist is aware of the various stresses on the feet and body that motion creates, and is able to pinpoint specific postural problems.

The Podiatrist is able to determine the best treatment for your particular needs and may often use devices called Orthosis.

We are very lucky at Buryhill that the Physiotherapy team works very closely with the Podiatrist when necessary to offer you the best holistic care when required.

Who is suited to Podiatry: Elderly foot health needs, Athletes, flat footed issues, those requiring orthotics, nail health, diabetics.

You can book your session with the Podiatrist by calling 01462 431391 or 01462 438853.

Clinical Psychology

Our Clinical Psychologist offers therapeutic services to children and their families. The psychology team follow modern evidence based therapies that include but are not limited to

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy(CBT). Our Clinical Psychologist work’s as a team with the child/family at the therapy sessions forefront.

A thorough assessment is carried out concentrating on the presenting issues. To best understand the difficulties that are being experienced, working together as therapist and client has been proved to be the best approach to formulating the most appropriate treatment options and is the ethos that we follow in clinic.

You can book your Clinical Psychology session by calling 07545779869 or the clinic on 01462 438853.

Personal Training

A lot of our clients that visit the Physiotherapist’s, Sports Massage Therapist’s or the Podiatrist require some supervised Personal Training during and after treatment is completed. We are engaged with several Personal Trainer’s that are affiliated to our clinic that help us provide this service.

Please call Buryhill Physiotherapy to discuss your needs further. 01462 438853.

Therapeutic Massage

Our Specialist Masseuse can offer you a full or half body Swedish Massage. Hot Stones full and half body massage.

Please call Buryhill Physiotherapy to discuss your needs further. 01462 438853.